Let’s Belly Dance ladies, come shimmy with me!

Are you looking to work out, have fun, get away from the day’s stress and learn new moves? This is the opportunity for you to tone up, meet new friends and take some time for yourself, improving and empowering both your inner and outer beauty.

Belly dance is an ancient art with it’s roots in the Middle East. It’s a feminine and gracious dance that allows you to explore your body, mind and soul. Each session includes warm-ups, stretches, technique – which involves working with isolations, layering, travelling steps and posture. The focus is on building a strong foundation to the dance while having a fun and joyful experience. No dance experience is required for the Introductory level classes.

Term 2 Classes: May 4th – Jul 10th

Welcome to Term 2 of Belly Dance classes 2021. This is a 10 week term starting on the 4th of May.


Class Descriptions:

Fundamentals (Beginners)

    This introductory level class is a beginning point where students will be able to start building skills and knowledge of the basic belly dance techniques. No experience in dance is required.

Beyond Beginners Class

    At the beyond beginners class, students will continue improving the basic techniques and will build up a richer dance vocabulary proposing new challenges allowing students to develop further. Experience with the basic belly dance techniques is required to join this class.

Intermediate Class

    This is a class for students who are committed to learning at a quick pace and excel at the basic belly dance techniques. More advanced techniques and subjects will be studied in this class.


More about classes

    • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start time of the class.
    • Wear comfortable or gym clothes that will allow you to move easily. You can wear a coin belt or scarf on your hips if you have one. If you are not comfortable in barefeet, you can wear ballet slippers.
    • Belly dance is for all women of all ages and types.
    • Private lessons available by request.